Collection of selected products from Ballard Honey Products



No. ordered Weight Product Description Product Price
  375 g liquid honey in honey bear $5.00
  500 g creamed honey (stock tub) $5.00
  1Kg creamed honey (stock tub) $9.00
  500 g jar creamed honey $5.00
  1 Kg jar creamed honey $10.00
  3 Kg liquid honey $21.00
  3 Kg creamed honey $25.00
  7 Kg liquid honey $36.00
  7 Kg creamed honey $40.00


No. ordered Weight Product Description Product Price
  2 oz. Small bear with bee hive $4.00
  4 oz. Bee hive $6.00
  2 oz. Pine cone $4.00
  7 oz. Spherical $10.00
  5.5 oz. Small column with bees $7.50
  6 oz. Column with village scene $10.00
  7 oz. Column with pine tree $10.00
  6 oz. Corn cob $10.00
  16 oz. Square (survival candle) $20.00
    Tea-lights $0.50


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Members receive 20% off listed prices. Memberships are available for $50.00.


Fundraising options

Ballard Apiaries (a.k.a. Ballard Honey Products) extends an invitation to take part in one of our fundraising programs. The benefits of the fundraising program offered by Ballard Apiaries include:

- No upfront costs for fundraising materials (for Alberta based fundraising ventures)
- Low sales percentages are needed to "break even".
- Low risk fundraising initiatives.
- Knowledgable staff.
- Educational tours of the apiary can be arranged.
- Superior quality and locally sourced product supplied at wholesale prices.
- Competitive pricing may enable bulk sales to retailers.
- Product and sales support


Program details

Ballard Apiaries is willing to provide a "floating" stock of up to 500 units outstanding at a time to be sold at no upfront cost. Units refer to a 12 oz. "honey bear" which we suggest a sale price in the vicinity of $5.00. Ballard Apiaries will collect a total of $3.00 (special fundraiser price) per unit sold. Units currently retail in stores for a price of approximately $7.00+. The offer extended from Ballard Apiaries allows for a potential 40% return on investment, no upfront costs, and a wholesale price that would allow for fundraising materials to be sold at competitive rates relative to retail.

Ballard Apiaries charges a restocking fee of $1.43 for each excess unit returned to them. This restocking fee is meant to cover our expenditures related to packaging costs and in supplying the product as well as deter the order of a superfluous volume of products. However, the restocking fee is low enough that sales of 20% of supplied stock would be sufficient to "break even" at the suggested sale price of $5.00 per unit.
Ballard Apiaries requests that the honey stock be stored appropriately to maintain the quality of the products. However, appropriate storage consists only of a warm and dry, secure indoor space. Ballard Apiaries is also willing to design and supply custom labels for our fundraiser. However, to comply with existing health and safety regulations the name of the supplier (Ballard Apiaries Ltd.) and some product information will also be included on the label. As their name will be on the label Ballard Apiaries requests that products that are damaged or of otherwise compromised quality not be sold. Ballard Apiaries will ensure that the product delivered will meet our strict quality control standards. Product information will be provided at no additional charge.

Ballard Apiaries is also willing to provide sales support materials, such as flyers and detailed product information upon request.